Saturday, May 8, 1:00 – 4:00*

*Rain date Sunday, May 9, 1:00-4:00

The $35 per person entry fee will be collected upon your arrival for the event.  Cash, check or credit card accepted.  All players receive Tournament Swag.  Level Champions and Finalists receive Gifts Card for Pavona’s Pizza Joint.  We will play outside and use the Onyx Dura 40 ball. 

Join other Pickleball enthusiasts for a fun afternoon of mens’ doubles.  We offer three levels of play.  Each level will be limited to 8 teams.  Each level will play their own round robin followed by a one match playoff. 

Since so few players have an official USAPA rating we are not defining levels solely by rating.  We hope the general characteristics of the play at each level allow participants to enjoy playing in the appropriate group.

Recreational Level: Players know the rules and scoring. Players can rally at a moderate pace but unforced errors are common. Directional control allows for some teamwork but erratic height and speed control gets teams out of position. High volley can be offensive but low volleys and dinks can be problematic. General rating 2.5 – 3.0

Competitive Level: Players get to the NVZ quickly behind a variety of 3rd and 5th shots. Players have good control of ball speed, height and spin. Players can sustain moderate dink game. Players make few unforced er-rors. Experience allows teams to work together and make smooth transitions. General Rating 3.5

Elite Level: Unforced errors are rare. Players control ball speed, height and spin with ease and move together strategically. Dink game is sustained and can be offensive. Stacking is common. High level paddle control used in fast paced volley to volley exchanges and resets. General Rating 4.0 & Up

To sign up, email alan@springsideathleticclub.com.  Include which level of play is right for you along with contact information for you and your partner.